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Peter Gabriel – Peter Gabriel (Scratch) (1978)

February 20, 2010
I need perspective, I don’t trust my eyes
On Gabriel’s second eponymous album, Robert Fripp moves up to the title of producer, and also plays guitar on half the tracks and uses his Frippertronics looping technique on “Exposure”. While this record still likes to toe the line between prog and pop, it falls more often on the side of prog. Scratch is perfectly unfocused, meandering through rock, electronics, and even a little bit of reggae on “A Wonderful Day in a One-Way World”, with Gabriel’s obtuse lyrics managing to strike a personal chord – even if it’s not one that you can quite put a finger on. It’s not quite as accessible as its predecessor, but despite its experimentation and free-wheeling, it’s still a pop album at heart, never passing up an opportunity to pull you in with a catchy hook or infectious keyboard rhythms, seen prominently in the closing of “White Shadow”, which is the centerpiece of the album. All four of his self-titled releases are absolutely worth the time of day, but this one might just be my favorite.

1. On the Air
2. D.I.Y.
3. Mother of Violence
4. A Wonderful Day in a One-Way World
5. White Shadow
6. Indigo
7. Animal Magic
8. Exposure
9. Flotsam and Jetsam
10. Perspective
11. Home Sweet Home

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  1. This one is definitely my favorite.

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