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Free Energy – Stuck on Nothing (2010)

March 14, 2010

We’re breakin’ out this time / makin’ out with the wind

Sometimes an album comes out at exactly the right time to take the world by storm; released at the tail-end of a bitter winter, Free Energy’s debut album is a summery slab of optimism that is poised to do just that. Produced by LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy, a well-known lover of dusty old vinyl records, Stuck on Nothing is a throwback to the youthful, carefree attitude which, regardless of whether or not it actually existed, is seen in every film or TV show focusing on teenagers in the ’70s. It’s the soundtrack to that perfect summer day of happily wasted time; finding young love, kicking up dust with friends, drinking cheap shitty beer, staying out too late, and believing without a shadow of a doubt that we’ll all grow up to be rock stars and life will never change.

Murphy does a great job of making this disc sound exactly like something from the era it idolizes. It has a warm, hazy, natural sound, far removed from the streamlined digital compression which mars so much of today’s music. The drums punch with a warm friendliness, the vocals and guitars shimmer alongside each other, and the bass throbs and pulsates without getting lost in the mix. But rather than resting on the shoulders of the past, Free Energy has confidence in their own sound, and they manage to avoid sounding like a tribute band even while wearing their ‘classic rock’ influences on their sleeves. If spring is coming a little too slow for your tastes, tune into Free Energy and it’ll get here faster than you expect.

  1. Free Energy*
  2. Dream City
  3. Bang Pop
  4. All I Know
  5. Bad Stuff*
  6. Dark Trance*
  7. Young Hearts
  8. Light Love
  9. Hope Child
  10. Wild Winds*

*Key tracks


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  1. Amanda permalink

    I’m so glad you’re back! And with Free Energy!!

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