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Steriogram – Schmack! (2004)

March 22, 2010

You know the crazy thing is I wish I played rock n roll / I found an easy way to prove myself with tunes I stole

Windows down, music up – the debut album from this group of New Zealanders is basically the perfect spring/summer driving disc. Every song on Schmack! just begs to be played way too loudly while going way too fast. Musically, it’s not anything you haven’t heard before; hard rock guitars, a rhythm section that goes straight forward and not much else, catchy hooks in the choruses and white boy rapping in the verses. They’ve even got the solitary ‘slow song’, “Be Good to Me”, as the penultimate track; how cliche can you get, guys? Still, despite the fact that Steriogram are essentially a radio rock band who never actually ended up on the radio (except for the track “Walkie Talkie Man”, their only legitimate hit), there’s something that keeps me coming back to this album. Even when just listening to it at home, it puts me in a really good mood, because it reminds me of good times cruising around on warm days. Maybe it just got lucky and caught me at the right time, but that’s okay. It might do the same for you. Listen to it in the right context, and you might feel a bit of your pretension blowing off in the wind.

  1. Roadtrip*
  2. Walkie Talkie Man
  3. Schmack!*
  4. Was the Day
  5. White Trash*
  6. In the City
  7. Go
  8. Fat and Proud
  9. Tsunami*
  10. Wind it Up
  11. Be Good to Me
  12. On and On


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One Comment
  1. dear god. i did not know that people outside of new zealand were even aware that steriogram existed. the magic of the internet! if you have not seen this, then it is very funny:

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