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Frank Turner – Love Ire & Song (2008)

April 10, 2010

These days I sit at home, known to shout at my TV / and punk rock didn’t live up to what I hoped that it could be

Frank Turner is an artist people have been talking to me about for years, but for one reason or another I only recently decided to add more of his work to my collection than the odd compilation track here and there. It was a good decision.

Love Ire & Song is Turner’s second solo album, after the demise of his post-hardcore group Million Dead. It features his sharp lyricism and lush-but-catchy guitar arrangements while he tackles topics like punk music, revolutions, lost love, loneliness and not wanting to sit down, shut up or grow up. He sings from the perspective of a man who’s become disillusioned with many things in life, including most of his peers who feel the same, but he always displays a consistent youthful resilience and hopefulness (“ditching teenage fantasy means ditching all your dreams“). He may sound tired and regretful at times, but it never takes long for him to come roaring back with revolutionary calls to arms that you can’t help but want to shout along with. It’s with this album that Frank Turner proves himself to be one of the most brilliant singer-songwriters around today.

  1. I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous*
  2. Reasons Not to Be an Idiot*
  3. Photosynthesis*
  4. Substitute
  5. Better Half
  6. Love Ire & Song
  7. Imperfect Tense
  8. To Take You Home
  9. Long Live the Queen*
  10. Love Worth Keeping
  11. St. Christopher is Coming Home
  12. Jet Lag*


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One Comment
  1. dlb permalink

    hooked me instantly. thanks! i’d never heard of him, but as a fan of genius songwriters like springsteen and zevon, this might be a new fave.

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