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Mixtape: The Option

April 16, 2010

It’s been a fairly hectic and frustrating couple of months (if you were wondering why posts were so infrequent back on Blogger) and I suppose it’s led me to some contemplation, along with the intent to make a few mixtapes. I had the separate ideas of a mix about small towns, a mix about love (let’s be honest, it’s a fan favorite), and a mix featuring a bunch of my favorite Oklahoma artists, and along the way they all got rolled into one. (As an aside; this tape was supposed to be preceded by an overlong, unnecessary post about my thoughts on Norman, Oklahoma, so if my description of this seems sparse it’s because some of my thoughts have been taken by that. That post will show up eventually, just not right now).

I tried to figure out which of these themes is represented the most, but I think it’s a pretty even combo. Half these songs could easily be argued as being about both love and home, and a solid fifth of it is made up of Oklahoma artists. These songs run the gamut of topics and confusing thoughts that encompass the sloppy subject of ‘the hometown experience’, along with the usual romantic problems and cliche bullshit; the whole big mess is conflicted and unsure and I like it that way.

The easiest way I can think to describe this mix is as both a love letter and an epitaph to Norman, but it could just as easily be one to my childhood, my friends, my more-than-friends, or myself. Let’s go with all of the above.


Title: The Option

Length: 1:18:30

Try It

Side 1: What’ll I Do?

  1. …Of Sinking Ships – “I Hope Your Teenage Dreams Find You Well”
  2. Get Set Go – “I’ll Be Your Heroin”
  3. The Matches – “The Jack Slap Cheer”
  4. Other Lives – “It Was the Night”
  5. Say Anything – “Yellow Cat (Slash) Red Cat”
  6. Sherree Chamberlain – “Help Me”
  7. LCD Soundsystem – “New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down”
  8. The Replacements – “Unsatisfied”
  9. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists – “Timorous Me”
  10. The Rural Alberta Advantage – “Edmonton”

Side 2: I’m Losing Sleep

  1. Velocity Girl – “My Forgotten Favorite”
  2. Ryan Lindsey – “A Weekend With You”
  3. The Weakerthans – “One Great City!”
  4. Jawbreaker – “Do You Still Hate Me?”
  5. The Flaming Lips – “When You Smile”
  6. La Dispute – “Andria”
  7. Touche Amore – “Honest Sleep”
  8. Kaki King – “Can Anyone Who Has Heard This Music Really Be a Bad Person?”
  9. R.E.M. – “Nightswimming”
  10. Los Campesinos! – “In Medias Res”

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  1. Elysha permalink

    Please do a Los Campesinos! post.

    • I have actually been asked by a member of the band to not post their material, so I will refrain.

      But, remember that the internet is vast and music is everywhere in it 🙂

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