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Chris Rehm – Salivary Stones (2010)

April 18, 2010

I live in a drought / a focus on things / we want to believe

On his bandcamp page for the album, Chris Rehm describes his newest cassette as ‘drone pop’; while it tends to fall much more on the side of drone, I suppose the term can apply. The EP opens with the titular track “Salivary Stones”, a short auditory assault of noise and feedback which then fades into “Don’t Leave Me Blue” and “Up Blazes the Hot Lust for Having”, two earthy, droning trips with surprisingly strong psychedelic melodies running underneath all the noise and distortion. The former is based around electric guitar loops and the second around a heavily distorted keyboard. “(Not Thinking About the Future)” is a quiet, contemplative ambient piece created with just an acoustic guitar and a lot of effects. “Summer, Part II” is similar to the first track, but with more structure and purpose in the noise. All these songs feel like buildup to “Soggy”, a hazy, calming dream pop tune (with lyrics and everything!) ending with chaotic drumming and a burst of noise, just in case you forgot what preceded the track. I enjoy this release immensely in the late night/early morning hours; waves of sound crashing over the ears and cleansing the mind.

  1. Salivary Stones
  2. Don’t Leave Me Blue
  3. Up Blazes the Hot Lust for Having*
  4. (Not Thinking About the Future)*
  5. Summer, Part II
  6. Soggy*


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  1. Teddy permalink

    hah. this guy is friends with another friend of mine. kinda took me by surprise to see this up here.

  2. This is one of my favorite records this year. Makes it okay that he’s kicking my ass over at bandcamp…

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