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NOFX – The Decline (1999)

April 22, 2010

Where are all the stupid people from?

This EP is just one 18-minute track; not exactly what you’d expect from a punk group. The band’s explanation? “We’ve done enough short songs, time for a long one”. Can’t argue with that.

NOFX has a pretty strong reputation as a goofy, asinine skate rock band, and with songs like “Hobophobia” or “My Vagina” it’s hard to defend them from that claim. But there are moments where they transcend this silliness and enter the realm of political punk – just as cliche as goofball punk, perhaps even more so, but just like goofball punk, they do it exceedingly well, and The Decline is one of those moments. This song is a wide-ranging attack on the whole of American culture, really; conformity, apathy, religion, civil rights, politicians – nothing is safe. It’s a song that sounds a lot more timeless and important than one would expect from NOFX – but hey, surprises are always nice. These goofballs had a masterpiece in them after all.

  1. The Decline*


Try It (link fixed!)

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  1. That adesrseds several of my concerns actually.

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