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Various Artists – Air Balloon Road: A Sarah Compilation (1990)

May 2, 2010

So I’ll just lie and dream of the chances I’ve missed / I’m in love with a girl who doesn’t know I exist

A long time ago I promised to post more Sarah Records compilations, and I think I will go about doing that now that spring is upon us and this music serves as such a fitting soundtrack to warm, sunny days, lying up on the roof or cruising around with the windows down.

Most people consider There and Back Again Lane to be the definitive Sarah Records comp, but I think Air Balloon Road is just as worthwhile as that great release. If you have any experience with this label or with 90s twee and indie pop, you know what you’re getting into here – 23 songs about love, youth and dreams; some happy, some sad, but all with shimmery jangling guitars and sweet, multilayered vocals. You’re floating by on a cloud, watching your own life and the lives of others. It’s a pleasant ride.

  1. The Orchids – It’s Only Obvious*
  2. Another Sunny Day – I’m in Love With a Girl Who Doesn’t Know I Exist*
  3. The Sea Urchins – Please Rain Fall*
  4. The Field Mice – If You Need Someone*
  5. The Orchids – Underneath the Window, Underneath the Sink
  6. St. Christopher – You Deserve More than a Maybe
  7. The Field Mice – End of the Affair*
  8. Gentle Despite – Darkest Blue
  9. The Golden Dawn – George Hamilton’s Dead
  10. The Field Mice – Sensitive*
  11. The Wake – Carbrain
  12. Brighter – I Don’t Think it Matters*
  13. The Sea Urchins – Pristine Christine
  14. 14 Iced Bears – Come Get Me
  15. The Golden Dawn – My Secret World
  16. The Springfields – Sunflower*
  17. Another Sunny Day – You Should All Be Murdered*
  18. St. Christopher – All of a Tremble
  19. Action Painting! – These Things Happen*
  20. The Poppyheads – Dreamabout
  21. Another Sunny Day – Green*
  22. The Orchids – Blue Light*
  23. Brighter – Noah’s Ark

Try It

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  1. Bob permalink

    Hi, thanks so much. I recently had an HD crash, yes my important stuff was backed up! But the none important stuff, my music wasn’t. Trouble is, since loosing so much of it, I’ve reassessed whats important….So much of my “SARAH” collection disappeared. Thanks to you I have some of it back. “try it” love the sentiment! Buy it, Listed on amazon at $US70, wish I could.

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