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I Just Keep You Hangin’ On

June 12, 2010

For those of you who are still diligently checking this blog, I can’t apologize enough for the lack of posts in the last month. Things have been just ridiculously hectic lately; school, life, money and an unexpected love affair with Glee (don’t hate) have all reared their ugly heads, and on top of that I’ve had a recent hard drive crash that appears to have taken most of my music with it.

I will try my hardest to start posting again within the next week, but I can’t promise that things will be totally up to speed again right away. I’m just letting you know that the blog is not dead, and that as soon as possible Watch the Tapes will be back to normal. I realize I’ve never been the most reliable curator, so thanks for sticking it out!

From → News, Watch the Tapes

  1. Laurens permalink

    Thank god! Looking forward to discovering new music from your blog again

  2. Dave C. permalink

    Nothing wrong with cute girls in cheerleader outfits. I like the show too. How come the video image is reversed? Weird.

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