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LoveLikeFire – Tear Ourselves Away (2010)

June 20, 2010

LoveLikeFire - Tear Ourselves Away

Make believe the world is listening / pretend there’s a feeling that you will miss

The one thing I’ve never liked about shoegaze – aside from it being called shoegaze – is that detachment has been far too prevalent throughout the scene, even from the earliest days. Vocals are obscured by layers of sound, emotions are concealed beneath cryptic lyrics, and most traces of humanity are locked safely away during both recording and performance. Sometimes it works, and it’s certainly part of what makes the sound so distinctive, but it’s often used as a crutch by bands who aren’t doing much more than trying to update shoegaze classics for a modern age and hoping no one notices.

LoveLikeFire are different though – instead of imitating the lush inhumanity of Loveless, they’re channeling the brilliance of Psychocandy with an upped sense of urgency and passion. Ann Yu’s deep vocals are allowed to flourish and shine on every track, and she’s singing honestly and directly about topics that wouldn’t be out of place on any regular rock or pop album; fear, insecurity, loss and triumph. But even with the personal touch that sets it apart, on Tear Ourselves Away the band still understands the grandiosity that marks a great shoegaze record. The difference is that their anthems aren’t for the band to just chain their personal demons and put them into a shadowy cage – they’re for everyone to put themselves into and sway along with.

  1. William*
  2. From a Tower*
  3. Crow’s Feet
  4. Signs*
  5. I’ve Pissed Off My Friends
  6. Good Judgement
  7. Boredom*
  8. My Left Eye
  9. Far From Home*
  10. Stand in Your Shoes*
  11. Everything Must Settle


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