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Lupe Fiasco

May 3, 2011

Lupe Fiasco

Mainstream hip-hop catches a lot of flak from most everyone we know, but there are a few artists still tearing it up and making it onto the radio. Lupe Fiasco uses ‘old school’ beats as well as more radio-friendly synth-driven ones, which is why he’s got such a crossover appeal into the Top 40 world.

Lupe raps with passion and tenacity, with a sense of danger and desperation that hasn’t been heard very often since the so-called golden age of hip-hop. Most of his peers have been straying further and further from those days, but he delves into the darker side of the genre that at one time defined it; street violence, drug dealing, police corruption, broken families and lost souls. But he’s got plenty of ideas of his own, too; throughout his albums, he’s been telling the loose concept story of a murdered drug dealer named The Cool who comes back to life as a zombie (seriously). Coaxing you in with a stoner charm that calls back to Kanye’s The College Dropout, Fiasco is standing alongside fellow visionaries like Kid Cudi, breathing new life into hip-hop.

Lupe Fiasco - Food and Liquor

And you know what my problem is? / I don’t know where my papa is

Food & Liquor (2006)

Lupe Fiasco - The Cool

The scientist said it only affects the mind / the little boy said it only affects the girls / the preacher man said it’s gonna kill off the soul / a bum said it’s gonna kill the whole wide world

The Cool (2007)

Lupe Fiasco - LasersLupe

Have you ever had the feelin’ that you was bein’ had?

Lasers (2011)

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