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Artist Submission: Monument

August 21, 2011


Monument are an ‘indiemo’ band in the flavor of Algernon Cadwallader, Snowing, Merchant Ships, etc. They’re from DC, and they e-mailed me a link to their GimmeSound page where they’ve got all their demos and EPs up for free download and streaming. Good stuff, check it out!

Looking into them a little more I found out they’re about to release an album with Keep it Together records, called Sweatpants Fever!, and the whole thing can be streamed (and most of it downloaded) at their Bandcamp! The album sounds like they’re definitely maturing as a band, getting a tighter grip on their musicianship and group dynamic. Some really good sounds on this album, and if you like bands like this you should definitely give it a listen and keep an eye on these guys.

One Comment
  1. thanks so much! good going with al the updates.
    luckily I was still in the mailinglist. I love this specific type of music till death.
    I don’t mind that their “copying” cap’n jazz. it’s the best!!!

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