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O. Children – O. Children (2010)

August 22, 2011

O. Children - O. Children

Just lay in bed, don’t you cry about the sounds in the night / there’s nothing there I can repair

Taking their name from a Nick Cave song, London group O. Children are also influenced heavily by him. They use the pattern of rough, gravelly vocals soaked in liquor and cigarettes that has been laid down by their namesake for decades, but vocalist Tobi O’Kandi has a voice all his own that defines the band’s sound, along with their bright, jangly guitar work and dark brooding lyrics.

They don’t sound like an artifact from ’80s post-punk, though; they really give the genre a modern makeover without losing trace of their influences. O. Children are loud, sultry and darkly danceable, and their self-titled debut album is really a brilliant piece of work. It may be 2011, but apparently post-punk is still alive and kicking.

  1. Malo
  2. Dead Disco Dancer
  3. Heels
  4. Fault Line
  5. Smile
  6. Ezekiel’s Son
  7. Ruins
  8. Radio Waves
  9. Pray the Soul Away
  10. Don’t Dig / Lily’s Man

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