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August 23, 2011


Since their highly anticipated second album, set to be called Audio, Video, Disco is coming out in a couple of months, I’m gonna go ahead and post their previous releases for those who may not have gotten swept up in the Justice fever of a few years ago.

Justice are a french duo who make house music, but Daft Punk they’re not; this is dance music that has a bite. They incorporate ferocious guitar riffs with chopped-up vocals, blasting  drum beats and never-ending waves of chaotic synths. But this is DANCE music, no questions asked. Sitting down, standing up, driving a car, filing your taxes – play this music in any situation, and you’ll quite possibly find your body moving with a mind of its own.


Justice - Cross

 † (2007)


Justice - A Cross the Universe

A Cross the Universe (2008)


Justice - Waters of Nazareth

Waters of Nazareth (2006)

Justice - DANCE

D.A.N.C.E. (2007)

Justice - PhantomPhantom

Phantom (2007)

Justice - DVNO

DVNO (2008)

Justice - Planisphere

Planisphère (2008)

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