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Chainsaw Kittens – Pop Heiress (1994)

August 31, 2011

Chainsaw Kittens - Pop Heiress

When pop heiress bleeds, you have to believe / it is no different for you and me

Straight out of my hometown of Norman, Oklahoma, Chainsaw Kittens spent the ’90s churning out great alternative rock alongside many of their more famous peers, but they never really got any amount of attention. Even here in Norman they’re like a half-forgotten legend; some people remember them fondly but others may know the name and nothing more. Their CDs are hard to find, and nobody really talks about them.All of this is a shame, because in my opinion Chainsaw Kittens were one of the premier bands of their time.

Fuzzy, psychedelic, grungy garage rock was their game, and they were great at it. Pop Heiress was their third full-length, and their first (and last) released with Atlantic Records, their other records all being released on smaller distros. This album was really their only shot at mainstream success, and for whatever reason it just didn’t happen. One can easily imagine these songs blasting out of college radio stations all over the country, though – and putting most of the crap such stations play nowadays to shame.

  1. Sore on the Floor
  2. Loneliest China Place
  3. Pop Heiress Dies
  4. Closet Song
  5. Dive Into the Sea
  6. Burn You Down
  7. I Ride Free
  8. Silver Millionaire
  9. Media Star Hymn
  10. Soldier on My Shoulder
  11. Justine Find Heaven
  12. We’re Like…

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