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Rob Dougan – Furious Angels (2002)

September 4, 2011

Rob Dougan - Furious Angels

You tell me I can’t slow down / you tell me where I’ve got to be / I spin into the darkness / but I swear that I can’t see anything in front of me

Rob Dougan rose to some prominence in the late ’90s with his single “Clubbed to Death”, especially after an alternate mix of that song (the Kurayamino Variation) was featured in The Matrix. His mainstream reputation pretty much ends right there, leaving him to be remembered by most as a song in a movie, not even by a name.

He had ambitions bigger than that, though. When his label didn’t like his ideas and wouldn’t fund his debut release, he spent years generating capital by licensing his tracks and creating remixes for other artists, so that he could produce the whole thing himself and make it how he wanted it to be made. It took him a while, but that’s exactly what he did.

Furious Angels probably lives up to what he envisioned. Dougan’s roots in the club scene are unmistakable, but to call this an electronic record is just too narrow-sighted. The album is a exercise in contrasts, with swelling, dynamic string and horn sections (he recorded it with the backing of a full choir and orchestra) complimented with dark downtempo beats. On top of it all, Dougan commands the show with his trademark angry, accusatory croon of a voice, a rough vocal style that is totally uncharacteristic for the musical ground he’s treading. He sounds like a blues singer in a smokey bar, especially considering that his lyrics are a series of lamentations and regretful confessions.

Rob Dougan is a master of his craft, but it almost makes sense that this remains his solitary full-length ten years later. Furious Angels is a more cohesive creation than you’re likely to come across anywhere else (I feel bad trying to pick just one song for you to preview), and there’s no way even he could repeat it. Maybe he only had one album in him, but he put everything he had into that one album. It’s a powerful, powerful piece of work; dramatic, personal, beautiful, tortured, and irrefutably classic.

  1. Prelude
  2. Furious Angels
  3. Will You Follow Me?
  4. Left Me For Dead
  5. I’m Not Driving Anymore
  6. Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino Variation)
  7. There’s Only Me
  8. Instrumental
  9. Nothing at All
  10. Born Yesterday
  11. Speed Me Towards Death
  12. Drinking Song
  13. Pause
  14. One and the Same (Coda)
  15. Clubbed to Death 2 [Bonus Track]

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  1. Ich finde das ist eine Super Lösung! Was kann einen daran stören?!? Meearmcbrds wie bei car2go machen die Geldbörse nur voller. Ich finde die Lösung Super und auch BMW like.

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