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Braille – Native Lungs (2011)

September 5, 2011

Braille - Native Lungs

Chasin’ after lightbeams, stayin’ close to my shadow

Underground Portland rapper Braille has just released his 7th album via Humble Beast, with both free downloads and physical copies for purchase. He’s got tight rhymes and a great flow, and it’s worth nothing that he’s definitely a christian artist – but that doesn’t really define him. He’s not preachy, he’s just honest and his faith is part of what is going on in his head, so he’s going to talk about it. It’s “how he sleeps at night“, and that frankness is so his style. This dude’s a really good lyricist, so check it out before you write it off for the content.

  1. Native Lungs
  2. Feel It
  3. Death in Me (feat. Theory Hazit & Odd Thomas)
  4. We Will Remember
  5. Storm Trooper
  6. Spell Check
  7. The New Raw
  8. Nightmare Walking
  9. Too Many Tomorrows
  10. Step Up
  11. 48 Prisons
  12. DeepRest
  13. Finally Arrive

Try It

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  1. thanks for checking out my record and posting about it. I really appreciate the support. – Braille

    • Thanks for making awesome music! And for releasing it for free for the world to hear. Keep doing what you’re doing man!

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