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Yakuza Heart Attack – Yakuza Heart Attack II (2011)

September 6, 2011

Yakuza Heart Attack - Yakuza Heart Attack II

Coming at you from Dayton, Ohio, Yakuza Heart Attack are a four-piece experimental group who apparently have too many keyboards and too many years worth of video game experience. They make a playful, instrumental, synthy art rock, and both their albums can be downloaded freely (name-your-price) on their Bandcamp!

Yakuza Heart Attack II sounds like what you’d hear if Mario ate some real magic mushrooms. Or maybe you ate the mushrooms, played Super Mario and then found yourself actually in the Magic Kingdom. This shit’s goofy and crazy but still more than interesting enough musically to keep you listening. They’re one of the only “8-bit” bands I’ve heard that I’ve actually wanted to listen to more than once. Dig it.

  1. Beast Attack
  2. Tears of the Judge
  3. Goodbye Rainbow Road
  4. Power Surge
  5. Hyper Fun Zone
  6. Speed II
  7. Scarlet Moon
  8. Mist Monster
  9. Hello Dance
  10. Heart Pounding Prison

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