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Kay the Aquanaut – Waterloo (2011)

September 20, 2011

Kay the Aquanaut - Waterloo

I’m enraged up on the front page / lookin’ insane, that’s how they want it played

Virtually unknown, Kay the Aquanaut is a Canadian underground rapper, a member of the old group Metropolis Now. Waterloo gives definition to the term ‘conscious hip-hop’, and in it Kay rips western society apart, analyzing the hypocrisy he sees all around him, but also providing the hope of a solution existing even if nobody sees it. He gives voice to thoughts many of us have but maybe don’t have the courage to talk about because it’s “crazy”. Not so crazy anymore.

  1. Vote Hungry
  2. Keep Studying
  3. Glory (feat. Nolto)
  4. A Different World
  5. Kill You (feat. Sole)
  6. Nemo (feat. Ceschi)
  7. Glass Slipper
  8. Unsatisfactory (feat. Gescha)
  9. John Wayne
  10. Walk the Earth (feat. Cam the Wizzard)
  11. Window Seat (feat. Def3)
  12. Textbooks
  13. Ballad of the C.E.O.

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