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Building Better Bombs – Freak Out Squares (2007)

September 29, 2011

Building Better Bombs - Freak Out Squares

Coming out of Minneapolis, Building Better Bombs are a chaotic hardcore group that features well-known Doomtree rapper P.O.S on guitar and vocals – but there’s not really any hip-hop to be found here, and instead of rapping he’s belting out screams. Freak Out Squares runs the gamut of punk rock though, from screamo to oldschool hardcore to more recent post-hardcore. This is not your everyday hardcore album, to be sure. A very interesting project with some very interesting members…not a long listen so check it out, and keep an eye out for new releases!

  1. This is a Gang
  2. No Handouts
  3. No Hospitals
  4. Lookout
  5. Bottle Rocket
  6. The Action Pact
  7. Lights Out, Knives Out (And Fuck Your Shitty Mailbombs)
  8. Deathships
  9. Cold, Not Frozen
  10. Kid Tested, Motherfuckin’ Approved
  11. Body Bag
  12. A Headstart
  13. MPLS, Winter ’05

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