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dead prez – Let’s Get Free (2000)

October 2, 2011

dead prez - Let's Get Free

Tell me who’s got control of your mind, your world view / is it the news or the movie you takin’ your girl to?

M1 and, the rappers who make up dead prez, are two very angry men – angry with the government, with the police, with their minimum wage bosses, with their neighbors for their complacency, with an empty, manipulative, cold culture of exploitation and inequality. This album is over a decade old, and for most of their career dead prez have been derided by many as ‘too extreme’; but these days it’s sounding more relevant and important than ever before. The racial aspect of their arguments are hard to relate to for many of us, but don’t let it polarize you – recognize that it is an extension of their situation, and what they’re saying really goes far beyond race, because they’re really speaking to everyone in the world who feels their life is not quite in their own hands, not quite what they’ve been told it is. This release is one of the most brilliant, honest, direct shouts of defiance that I personally have ever heard. This is the kind of music that lights fires in the mind.

I won’t spell it all out for you; dead prez do a fine job of that on their own, if you simply lend your ears and listen to them. LISTEN to this! Beyond the politics, dead prez’s debut is one of the best rap albums ever released, but Let’s Get Free is more than a hip-hop album; it’s an unmistakable call-to-arms.

  1. Wolves
  2. I’m a African
  3. ‘They’ Schools
  4. Hip-Hop
  5. Police State
  6. Behind Enemy Laws
  7. Assassination
  8. Mind Sex
  9. We Want Freedom
  10. Be Healthy
  11. Discipline
  12. Psychology
  13. Happiness
  14. Animal in Man
  15. You’ll Find a Way
  16. It’s Bigger than Hip-Hop
  17. Propaganda
  18. The Pistol

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