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Heroin – Heroin (1997)

October 29, 2011

Heroin - Heroin

Time to decide, make up my mind / time to decide about me / because I know I already scratched the surface

Active for only a few short years between 1989 and 1993 in San Diego, Heroin nonetheless managed to have a long-lasting impact on the hardcore scene; they were a key group in the progression from ’80s revolution summer emo groups to the more modern screamo movement. To pinhole them into either of those rather specific categories isn’t really fair though, because there’s more going on here than that. On Heroin, a career-spanning retrospective album that contains (to the best of my knowledge) all of their recorded material, one can hear the rather heavy influence of the grunge sound that was sweeping the United States at the time. They were somewhat of a return to the chaotic hardcore punk of the mid ’80s, but with the emotional frankness of their emo peers and powerful, dirty rhythm sections that defined early grunge. While Heroin may be forever remembered more as a sort of time capsule, a marker to note the transitions that were happening at the time rather than for appreciation of their merits, they were in fact a great band who deserve new ears.

  1. Head Cold
  2. Undertaking
  3. Indecision
  4. I’ve Got Mine
  5. This Time
  6. Never Ever
  7. Has Been
  8. Leave
  9. Wander
  10. Blindly
  11. With No Name
  12. Meaning Less
  13. A Portion
  14. The Obvious
  15. Comes to Mind (?)
  16. In General
  17. Moving Parts
  18. Another
  19. Destination

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