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Doomtree – No Kings (2011)

November 29, 2011

Doomtree - No Kings

In the land of milk and honey, too shy to say we’re thirsty / we just make a little money, and we buy a little mercy

Minneapolis rap collective Doomtree offer up their third full-length album this year, and they continue to impress. No Kings leads one to further head-scratching at the success of goons like Odd Future when there’s a decidedly more brilliant and thought-provoking hip-hop group who’s been toiling away for the better part of a decade without so much as a breakthrough hit, even among all its members varied and sturdy solo catalogs.

Refusing to stick to any specific formula, this album showcases the unique talents and visions of its members while tying them together quite neatly, despite the rapid and constant changing of instrumentation, percussion, vocal style and song structure. Every track leaps and bounds through a handful of different genres, often leading back to the beatnik ultra-literacy and metaphoric storytelling that inspires them and the punk-rock ethic (and sound!) that multiple members have past experience with. Ambitious and complex, this is the kind of project that most artists would butcher – but far from creating a scattered, inarticulate mess, these cats have been at this so long that they make it sound easy. No Kings is the best group effort that they’ve brought to listeners to-date, and their day in the light is surely within reach. Don’t sleep on this!

  1. No Way
  2. Bolt Cutter
  3. Bangarang
  4. Beacon
  5. Punch-Out
  6. Little Mercy
  7. The Grand Experiment
  8. String Theory
  9. Team the Best Team
  10. Gimme the Go
  11. Own Yours
  12. Fresh New Trash

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