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Giles Corey – Giles Corey (2011)

November 30, 2011

Giles Corey - Giles Corey

All around us, hangs an air of darkest doom / and it flows out my lungs, and slowly fills the room

A strange avant-garde effort from Dan Barrett of Have a Nice Life, Giles Corey is a dark, unhappy album. At times it’s unsettling, and at times the enveloping soundscapes are actually comforting in a, well, still vaguely unsettling way. Not quite a shoegaze album like it’s been labeled, but not far off – ambient passages with obscured, whispered vocals fade in and out of acoustic folk ballads, with the whole affair sounding like it’s covered in a thick fog. But it also contains brief, soaring moments of tangent humanity that drive home the very personal nature of this work.

An intriguing album that definitely harkens back to 2008’s cult classic Deathconsciousness, but at the same time forges new ground. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t follow any particular genre conventions, this might be the album for you.

  1. The Haunting Presence
  2. Blackest Bile
  3. Grave Filled With Books
  4. Empty Churches
  5. I’m Going to Do It
  6. Spectral Bride
  7. No One is Ever Going to Want Me
  8. A Sleeping Heart
  9. Buried Above Ground

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