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Red Nightfall – Red Nightfall (2011)

December 5, 2011

Red Nightfall - Red Nightfall

Oh mercy, now that she’s leaving, and he’s fading out / and it scares me that I feel nothing / nothing at all

Based in Toronto, this four-piece group recently released their debut album. Red Nightfall is predominately a collection of acoustic folk songs, but Red Nightfall play their hearts out like a gallant rock band; many of these tracks start out sparse, earthly, subdued, but develop intricacy and find the epic fire that they’re striving for. The most immediate comparison that springs to mind for these boys is Oklahoma group Other Lives, but this release also reminds me of Bon Iver’s now-classic For Emma, Forever Ago. Not getting carried away with namedropping, this album is a gem in the rough, and I really hope you find some time to listen to it. It’s a perfect soundtrack to a cold, windy, bitter winter.

  1. Forever Leaving
  2. Coloured Dreams
  3. Forever Wanting
  4. Her Passing
  5. Wind Scene
  6. Windmills
  7. Bonfire
  8. 1812
  9. Forever Yours


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