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Watch the Tapes is an effort to bring some exposure to artists who don’t have as much as they should, and introduce people to music they might not otherwise hear. Simple as that.

Genre, scene and time period mean nothing. Whether it’s a new release being overshadowed by the bigger names, a dusty old record forgotten over the years or a personal favorite of mine, anything of quality that isn’t being appreciated as much as I think it should be has a place here.

Have a suggestion of something you’d like to see? Something you can’t find anywhere? Something you just want to hear else’s opinion on? Speak up.



If you’re an artist or label and you’d like me to post your music on the blog, feel free to send me an e-mail, along with links to hear the tunes (full album downloads are always appreciated, or even physical promos if you’re so inclined). I of course would prefer to be able to post the entire album, since that’s what my readers have come to expect, but if you would like only a song or two posted, just let me know and I will certainly comply!


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Please, leave comments if you like what’s happening on this blog! It’s nice to know that someone is reading and even better, enjoying the music that’s being posted. And more importantly, the more people talk, the more artists send music, the more great music that gets circulated around to more and more people! If you’re reading this, you probably love music and love what it can do; so help keep people listening to it whenever, wherever, however you can.


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  1. Love to hear what you have to think of my latest stuff. &

    Both projects should have new releases by the end of the summer.

  2. Newz permalink

    Haha, can’t believe I found this off YGON. This is Newzfoxjr.

  3. That’s way more clever than I was expgtcine. Thanks!

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